Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I start QiNotes and are there any implementation fees?

    When you sign up for QiNotes we suggest taking advantage of a free 30 minute setup by reserving a time with our technical support team. You can setup your entire clinic by just following the in App Setup Guide or watching the setup video. There are no implementation fees.

  • How do I transfer my patient data into QiNotes?

    For paying customers, if you have your patient data stored digitally (Quickbooks, Fullslate, Excel, etc) we will help you through the export of those records and will import your patient demographics into QiNotes free of charge.

  • How long does implementation take?

    Implementation is quick and easy. If you own or belong to a small clinic, that does not need patient files imported, you can be up and running within 10 minutes. If you have a database of patient information you need imported into QiNotes, that process can take a bit longer based on your data format, but usually no longer than 48 hours. Either way, you’ll be able to login and start using the app within 10 minutes. Watch the setup video for more information.

  • Can I build my own custom forms or screens? Will you build my forms for me?

    QiNotes is designed to provide fields and questions designed specifically for acupuncturists. If you feel there could be added questions or charting modalities submit a request.

  • Does QiNotes include a patient portal?

    Yes, patients create a secure account. Their intake information is updated at each visit. They can also schedule, cancel, or reschedule appointments from their portal when integrated with third party scheduling applications such as FullSlate.

  • Does QiNotes support multiple practitioners in the same practice?

    Yes, when an acupuncture clinic sets up QiNotes, there is a section during the sign up process to add multiple acupuncturists or other employees, such as an office manager or assistant, who might use QiNotes.

  • Does QiNotes support third party billing?

    Currently, QiNotes can generate an invoice with each patient encounter. The invoice and data collected, as part of the intake process, can be used to generate the necessary data for third party billing. Third party direct billing is planned for later this year. This billing module will be available for an additional monthly charge.

  • Can the practitioner schedule appointments from within the QiNotes app?

    Yes, appointments can be scheduled directly within the app. Future versions of QiNotes will include integration with third party scheduling applications.

  • Is QiNotes compliant with HIPAA security and privacy requirements?

    Yes, the new design of QiNotes includes state of the art security and privacy and encryption practices that meet standards required for HIPAA.

  • Can I leave your company at any time? What happens to my data?

    Yes, if you find that QiNotes no longer meets your needs you can leave at anytime. Touch base with us before hand because we are always adding new features that might be just what you wanted. If you do cancel your subscription, you’ll have 30 days to request the export of those records. Note, at any point during your subscription you can export a single patient visit or all your patient’s records within the QiNotes app. These records will be presented as PDF documents.

  • Are there any cancellation fees?

    There are no cancellation fees. Your subscription is pro-rated so you could cancel at anytime.