Acupuncture Records Made Easy!

QiNotes is an iPad based electronic health record app
Made for acupuncturists by acupuncturists


Whether in a coffee shop, in the clinic, or at home, QiNotes is ready to go.
All the relevant Chinese medicine specific information acupuncturists need to track are
provided in an easy fun format.


Screens Screens Screens


Calendar View is the home screen for Qi Notes. This allows the acupuncturist to quickly view their day and select appropriate health records.

Online Intake Form

Once completed, the medical information is automatically viewable with QiNotes.

Cancer Warning

If patient's symptoms warrant concern for cancer, acupuncturists is notified

Made For Acupuncturists

Common medical charting was thrown out the window in favor of a fun and interactive experience.

HIPAA Secure

Qi Notes uses a HIPAA secure cloud platform.

App Screens

QiNotes Pricing

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